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Basic Technician Certificate in journalism(NTA LEVEL 4)

The Programme target the applicants who have completed form four (IV) with at least four passes in Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE), include English OR Applicant with relevant NVA Level 3 qualification and a Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE).

OBJECTIVES: The main objective of the Basic Technician Certificate in Journalism is to enable them to obtain a qualification award at NTA level 4.

Technician Certificate in Journalism(NTA LEVEL 5)

NTA level 5 is the National Technical Awards for the Technician Certificate in Journalism which equips the learner with requisite knowledge and deskills that will enable them to perform mostly operational duties and some non- routine tasks in the media industry. Learners are expected to apply generic competences that will enable them to gather and produce material for print and electronic media using camera, TV and radio equipment. It covers two semesters each of 15 weeks and two weeks for semester examinations.

Ordinary Diploma in Journalism

The programme targets applicants who have completed NTA level 4 in journalism OR Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE), with at least one principal pass and Subsidiary in a relevant subjects.

  • NTA level 6 is the national technical awards for diploma course in journalism which equip the learners with skills that will help them take up middle level managerial tasks in the media industry and the  learners be able to undertake analysis, writing and editing for multifarious media issue . It cover two semesters each with 16 weeks.

Short Courses

  1. Photojournalism – one month.
  2. Video production and editing.
  3. Radio Presentation & Programme production.
  4. Graphics Design, Layout and Newspaper Production.
  5. Online Journalism.
  6. TV Presentation & Programme production
  7. Radio commercial production.
  8. Online commercial production.
  9. TV commercial & motion graphics production.
  10. Radio and TV DJ’s.
  11. Music direction, composition and production.